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Gas Deep Fryer Economic

Stainless Steel Gas Deep Fryer

 honey comb burner

  • Body- Fully Stainless steel constructed body, hygienic and easy to keep clean.
  • Chrome plated mesh basket.
  • Stainless steel grid screen and drain pipe.
  • Burner with  high thermal efficiency, low carbon monoxide emission.
  • Equipped with thermocouple. If fire accidentally goes off, this safety device will automatically cut off gas supply.
  • Equipped with high limits safety device. Burner will automatically goes off if oil temperature exceed 230°C.
  • The thermostat control allows us to select our ideal cooking temperature.
  • Suitable for LPG and NG.




Product Dimension

(L x W x H) (mm)

405 x 780 x 1105

405 x 780 x 1105

Tank Capacity (Litres)



Basket Dimension

(L x W x H) (mm)

305 x 330 x 135

156 x 330 x 147

Gas Consumption

(BTU/Hr) (MJ/Hr)

78,000 (82.7)

78,000 (82.7)

Weight (kg)