The Preferred Choice
for Over a Decade

Singapore’s preferred commercial kitchen equipment manufacturer since 2003.
Singmah Steel Refrigeration Pte Ltd.

Business Philosophies

A cornerstone of our success over the past decade, has been our commitment to trust and integrity.

We believe that your success, is our success. With this belief, we continually strive to provide you the best products, services and consultation that we can. Whether you’re a new business looking to make your first outlet a success, or a food & beverage chain with goals of geographical expansion, we have the market experience and expertise to help you out.

Here, we also believe in simplicity. Simplicity in products and services. This means that our range of kitchen equipment is designed with plug-and-play elegance. Meanwhile, one email or phone call should be all you need to get our attention, and get help sent your way. If you feel we have not met either of these two standards, please leave us your feedback and let us know how we can better assist you.

We adopt green practices, because we understand the importance of respecting the world we live in. From our ozone-friendly refrigeration units, to the earth-friendly materials we use to build our world class kitchen equipment, no detail is too small for us to overlook when it comes to protecting our environment.